Wait Times

Set the right expectations for your customers with the most accurate wait times.
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Set accurate expectations with customers

Wait times allow you to communicate expectations upfront with clients, and get at-a-glance productivity analytics down to individual service providers’ performance.

Wait Times on your Booking page

Show guests live wait times when they land on the map view of your booking page.
A mobile phone showing a map view of Best Salon and the wait times at each location

Wait Times on your Self Check-In kiosk

Let customers decide what to book on-site by showing wait times during check-in.
A screen showing a person named Jan checking in, highlighting the fact that they get recommended services in the process of checking in for a haircut

Wait Times in your Client Queue

Give staff accurate visibility into wait times when they do guided check-ins or phone bookings for walk-in customers.

Special Features

Down-to-the-Minute Accuracy

The details matter: we crunch real service time, set up time, and clean up time for accuracy down to the individual.

Walk-Ins and Appointments

Maximize services provided by accommodating walk-ins alongside appointments.

Detailed Reports

See how your wait times vary by location and provider in your Reports.

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The right pricing for your business

Choose from 3 pricing plans that include everything you need to run your beauty business better.

BookedBy on Clover

Everything you need from a software and hardware perspective, shipped directly to your business
per location per month

SalonUltimate Single Store

Unlock the full potential of your business with advanced features for streamlined growth
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SalonUltimate Multi-Store

The premium setup for multi-location businesses poised for growth and expansion
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Included in all plans

Online Booking • Online Check-in & Check-out • Employee Scheduling • Customer Management • Service and Pricing Management • Inventory Maintenance • Standard Reporting • Email & SMS Marketing • Unlimited Support and Training
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