here's what our clients have been saying about Salon Ultimate.

We need a complete management and information system, not just point of sale. The Salon Ultimate team is constantly listening and ensuring that the product reflects our most current needs. The hybrid system ensures my three salons are connected and online at all times.

We decided to switch our three salons over to Salon and Spa Ultimate right before the holiday season. I know, what were we thinking? The switch didn't go over as planned because of the horrible storms we had! Loss of power twice! That being said, the Salon Ultimate team could not have been more accommodating and worked 24/7 to make the transition as smooth as it could be. There were some parts of the software that just didn't work for Charles David and after explaining our needs the team would make all the changes for us. If they didn't know how to do it right then, they would figure it out and it would come out in the next update. Our daily operations run more efficiently, more secure because of Salon and Spa Ultimate. I would not hesitate to recommend this software program and the team for your company.

I have had the pleasure of being a salon owner since 1993. During the past 21 years salon and spa software has evolved enormously. In the past we simply needed a cash register. Those days are long gone. Today we need a tool that can help us manage all aspects of our business. Salon Ultimate is the most advanced software on the market and it becomes more robust with every free update. We actually save money in the long run with Salon Ultimate’s automated email confirmations, online booking, and email marketing capability. The hybrid system allows me to check activity from home, confirm appointment requests and even train staff remotely. Salon Ultimate’s customer service is also exceptional. The knowledgeable staff is always helpful and attentive to our needs, concerns and questions. The staff at Salon Ultimate is not only software designers, they are considered to be our business partners and friends. I can’t express highly enough our appreciation for Salon Ultimate.

Salon Ultimate continues to be the best software investment we have ever made! Absolutely love it! Our client scheduling, online booking, and email marketing have been consolidated from MindBody and DemandForce, and we couldn’t be happier. The reporting features, point of sale, product management, employee management and various widgets for our website are all top notch! The tech support team at Salon Ultimate have always answered our questions promptly, even on weekends, and if they don’t have the answer right away, they’ll find a solution fast, or better yet, look at how the software can be updated to accommodate a request! Way to go Salon Ultimate, looking forward to many years of partnership!

There’s really no comparison between what Salon Ultimate can do compared to what we used before. Whenever we call for support, someone answers every time and logs right in to address any problem or answer any questions, that’s huge. My old software was falling behind, and charged for updates. I like that the monthly fee I pay for Salon Ultimate buys me software that’s futureproof.

We love Salon Ultimate for it's ease of use with our med spa. It's extremely user friendly and the icons make it a snap to follow. We are able to print reports, track sales, etc with ease. Also, their customer service is awesome! There is always someone available to troubleshoot a problem and explain in a way we can understand. I would recommend this software to any salon/spa owner just starting out!!

Salon Ultimate is a salon software that is modern, smart and able to keep up with my salons. I'm able to sync, utilize and maximize the full potential of my clientele list. Salon Ultimate minimizes my marketing workload unlike any other software.

After looking at many salon software systems we signed on with Salon Ultimate. In a short time our spa has really evolved into the spa we have worked to create for our staff and clients. I love the ‘lite’ version for the staff which gives them just the right amount of information they need to check their schedules and serve their clients efficiently without tying up the front desk. This provides a more relaxed environment when a client enters the Spa at reception. And the clients love being able to text us and book online. I love being to log on directly to my spa very easily anywhere I go right from my smartphone or iPad. The support team is great and very receptive to hearing how I work and what my needs are for future upgrades. Alex and the team really strive to be on the cutting edge of salon software! We are very happy we chose Salon Ultimate!

I have nothing but good things to say about Salon and Spa Ultimate. We upgraded our 12 Salons to Salon Ultimate and are very happy with the results. Their program fits our needs in that it offers a simplified mailing system, allows the ability to create a loyalty system for our clients, and a much improved marketing program. Our salons can now access each other for client history and formulas and gift cards, which they couldn't do before. It also offers a greater security and monitoring system as well as a more efficient way for updating and changing our inventory. Having everything on the cloud allows us to keep all our data and peace of mind should a computer ever crash. My staff and I look forward to our continued working relationship with Salon and Spa Ultimate.

We researched several POS and scheduling systems before deciding on Salon & Spa Ultimate. Many systems had very similar features, but Salon & Spa Ultimate included several which were "add-ons" in other systems. This made our choice from a financial standpoint. What really separated Salon & Spa Ultimate from the competition was the people behind the product. They were not selling us a computer program. They were making us a part of their company and their passion. You could hear the excitement in their voice when they explained their features and their upcoming enhancements. This passion for the product was evident in every person we spoke to in the company. We've seen our business grow every month through the reporting tools. Every new client comments on the email reminders and the ease of booking online. Our stylists offer a unique and beautiful experience, but Salon & Spa Ultimate keeps us organized and adds the final professional touch that separates us from the competition.

After using my previous sytem for many years, I needed a more complete software for my salon where I wouldn’t need a secondary one for marketing. After having terrible experiences with two other systems, I finally found a software that does what they advertise, and it is a pleasure to find a company with the support that Salon Ultimate has. Any time we call they are always there to help. Thank you Salon Ultimate!

We are so pleased with Salon and Spa Ultimate. It has actually replaced three systems for us, which is easier, more cost effective and far superior. The transition from our old software was seamless thanks to the automatic data conversion and there are new features that we are loving. The support team is always available,it is a joy working with everyone and any issues are taken care of quickly and efficiently.

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