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OpenSpend, Inc. Maintenance and Support Policy

Maintenance and Support (“Maintenance”) consists of Application support and ensuring Available Functionality, so that the Service provided under the Order Form and Terms & Conditions/Base Agreement (“Agreement”) operates substantially in accordance with the material terms in its documentation. Maintenance will be provided in a timely and professional manner by qualified support engineers in accordance with this Maintenance and Support Policy (the "Policy").

You are only eligible to receive Maintenance if you are current on all applicable fees due and payable for your OpenSpend Services, and are otherwise compliant with your applicable contractual obligations. OpenSpend may make other fee-based tiers of maintenance available that provide specific, customized, and/or more comprehensive forms of enhanced maintenance, professional services or training and custom installation.

This Policy may be updated by OpenSpend from time to time, in its sole discretion, however such updates will not result in a material reduction in the level of Maintenance provided during a term for which fees have been paid.

Defined terms used in this policy include the following:

“Available Functionality” means the functionality which is generally available and provided by OpenSpend as part of the Service as described in the applicable Documentation for the Service.

“Client Technologies” means any non-OpenSpend Software installed in Customer environments.

“Documentation” means specifications, user documentation, including but not limited to user guides, customer handbooks and other technical documents provided by OpenSpend regarding the Service and Available Functionality.

“Incident” means a reproducible error or problem with the Service that prevents the Available Functionality from operating in accordance with its Documentation.

“Non-Production” means a test, sandbox, staging, or development Service environment where untested changes are performed outside of a Production environment.

“Production” means the “live” Service environment where the Available Functionality processes data on a real-time basis.

“Service” is defined in the Base Agreement as defined in your Order Form.